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Bring and Tell: 9 July 2024

The morning with Prof Piet Meiring was filled with stories of inspiration and hope. Interesting facts and sometimes humorous anecdotes were part of the stories from his book. While Piet spoke about the “giants”, it becomes clear that this is not only his story, but also the story of the NG Church and of Afrikaners – actually of all of us – who over the course of many decades had to find our place in a new and sometimes challenging world.
Thanks also to Pretorium Trust who assisted our members with information and help.

GreyPower Bring-and-Tell: 09 July 2024 with fltr Len Dekker, Andria Geldenhuys (PRETORIUM TRUST); Prof Piet Meiring (guest speaker) & Dr Richard Harding.



Bring and tell: 11 June 2024

What an enjoyable day with Kobus Rudolph and his sister Annarie Rudolph-Henn. We had fun singing, laughing and learning together. ‘A cheerful heart is good medicine’.  Thank you to everyone who attended the event.


‘Encourage, inspire and guide everyone to vote. If we want to see a change in our country, we must vote.’ Ina Wilken-Jonker (Director of GreyPower)


GreyPower Bring-and-Tell: 9 April 2024 with fltr; Prof Karel Prinsloo, Ina Wilken-Jonker (Voorsitter van GrysKrag); Hennie Koortzen (Gasspreker); Benita Waldeck (AVBOB),& Len Dekker.

Our guest speaker for the day was Hennie Koortzen, former CEO at Pretoria FM, Akrikaanse Rugby Commentator at SuperSport and sports announcer at Kanaal 7. He shared anecdotes from his calling career and how commitment, discipline and collaboration were big keys to his success.


GreyPower Bring-and-Tell: 12 March 2024 with fltr dr. Richard Harding, Anton van Sitter (FINBOND); Renate Potgieter; Gert Portgieter (guest speaker) & Koot Bosman.

Our guest speaker for the day was Executive Board member of GreyPower, Gert Potgieter. He spoke on “Olympism – Educational Values ​​of the Olympic Movement”.

BRING & TELL 13 Februarie 2024 with BEELD Editor, Barnard Beukman

BRING & TELL 14 November 2023 with Ambassador Victor Zazeraj

GreyPower AGM 10 November 2023 with dr. Pieter Mulder as guest speaker

Bring-&-Tell event on 10 Oktober 2023 with prof. Erich Raubenheimer & FINBOND as sponsor of visiting event

Bring-&-Tell event on 12 September 2023 with prof. Andre Buys & visit from Kind2Hearing

Bring-&-Tell event on 8 Augustus 2023 with prof. Hannes Pretorius

GreyPower and Kind2Hearing meet on 18 July 2023

GreyPower Bring-&-Tell event on 11 July 2023 with Simon Bruinders as guest speaker

GreyPower and SAKELIGA meet on 4 July 2023

Chairperson Ina Wilken receives on behalf of GreyPower on 22 June 2023 an award from the Visionary Leaders Toastmasters Club in Lynnwood

Dr. CL (Chris) Stals appointed as new GreyPower Patron.
Directors with dr. Stals on 26 May 2023

GreyPower meets on 9 May 2023 with Tshwane councillor Sakkie du Plooy as guest speaker

GreyPower meets on 11 April 2023 with dr. Stoffel van der Merwe as guest speaker

GreyPower meets on 14 March 2023 with dr. Pierre Edwards as guest speaker

GreyPower meets on 14 February 2023 with Ina Wilken re Consumer Affairs for seniors

MOMENTUM TOYOTA CONSTANTIA: ‘Seniors as Bridge Builders’ 11.11.2022

Momentum Toyota Constantia and Willie van der Schyf as hosts received the seniors from the area. Ina Wilken of GreyPower was the guest speaker and Matt Stern the guest artist.

Bring-and-Tell Meeting 8.11.2022 with Willie Labuschagne

Former Director of the National Zoos in RSA and a former President of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums who shared his life experiences in the then Kalahari Gemsbok Park (now Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park), as well as his activities in Abu Dhabi nature conservation with those present at the monthly Bring & Tell members’ meeting. With his theme, ‘From the sands of the Kgalagadi to the sands of the Emirates’, Willie shared a bird’s eye view of his experiences over 50 years. These life experiences are described in his latest publication ‘The Soul of a Lion’.

Prof. Hannes Rautenbach, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at AKADEMIA, enlightens members of GreyPower about Climate Change during a Bring-and-Tell Meering on 11 October 2022

GreyPower Directors and Board Members meet on 20 September 2022

GreyPower attending Maroela Media’s Open Day on 29 July 2022

Visit by GreyPower to Twee Riviere Retirement Village on 20 July 2022

Hennie Maas, well-known radio personality, took members on “My travels amongst the Stars and Planets” at the Bring-and-Tell Meeting on 12 July 2022

Discussions with Annie Coetzee and Louise Terblanche in connection with a course to educate persons In the art of ‘Super Seniors’ to age actively

Prof. André Buys with the Seniors of the DR Church Elardus Park on 11 May 2022

Prof. Piet Meiring shared his “Experiences at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission” with members at the Bring-and-Tell Meeting on 10 May 2022

GreyPower visits The Retreat Hazeldean on 23 February 2022

“The Wonder of the Creation” illustrated in photos by prof. Hannes Pretorius of Flowers and Animals followed by a talk on “The Golden Ratio” at the Bring-and-Tell Meeting on 14 June 2022

At the Bring-and-Tell Meeting on 12 April 2022 prof. André de Villiers discussed “Trees and our continued Existence on Earth”

Blouwillem brings “A Little Humor in Difficult Times” on 8 March 2022 during a Bring-and-Tell Meeting

GreyPower attends the Valentine’s Party at the DR Church Wonderboom on 17 February 2022 where Chris Coetzer performed

GreyPower visits Residentia, Sunnyside on 10 February 2022

Bring-and-Tell Meeting on 8 February 2022 where prof. André Buys enlightened members on “Genealogy for Seniors”

Annual General Meeting 18 November 2021

Genealogy Seminar on 2 November 2021 during ‘Holiday Week for Seniors’ at the ATKV Resort Buffelspoort

Handing Over Of 100 Wheelchairs – 06 November 2020