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Quality of Life

& Social Security

GreyPower as an Association

GreyPower is a nationwide non-profit organisation founded in 1995. It is a service and charity association for persons fifty-five years of age. GreyPower considers three subgroups of persons over fifty-five. The subgroup 55 to 65: They are the people who are at the peak of their careers but who have the prospect of already planning for retirement. GreyPower uses experts in its ranks to give them the necessary advice in this regard. The subgroup 66 to 75: they are the actual pensioners. Among them are also those whose pensions have less and less purchasing power due to the rising inflation rate. GreyPower gives them advice and help with planning expenses according to their retirement income. They are also protected from exploitation. The sub-group 76 years and older: They are elderly people who often need a real support in various spheres of society. The three age categories above include in their ranks a large pool of expertise, experience, specialisation and wisdom in all areas of life.

The Chairperson of the GreyPower organization supports the registration of independent observers, to ensure effective and fair election processes.
Members are encouraged to make themselves available.

What We Offer

Our Services

Access GreyPower’s panel of experts for advice on financial and legal matters, choice of retirement resorts and other matters concerning older persons.


Receive invitations to seminars, workshops, information sessions and special events, concerning older persons.